Beauty is a combination of inner beauty (personality, grace, charm, kindness, intelligence) and outside beauty (mostly physical factors such as health, youthfulness, and complexion). It is hard to find anyone with a perfect symmetry these days and in fact symmetry is not an essential element of beauty. Rather a Beautiful face is displayed in our health and vitality.  Beauty is the Light coming from one's eyes, and the smile that radiates from their face, and the feeling of Love that brightens your Life. 

Beauty Inside and Out
  • Our whole lifestyle impacts our skin
  • Skin is the largest organ of the human body
  • Problems with our skin may be a reflection of problems with different body systems. But a good place to start is in the gut. A good cleanse will begin to clean your body and is always helpful . You can see by this photo of Face Mapping that blemishes to different areas of your face correspond to different Body Systems. So if you have a blemish in a specific area look to see what organ it relates to and then address that area of the body.


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