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BALANCE by Young Living™ 

The BALANCE Skin Care Collection helps restore your complexion to its
natural beauty, so you can feel confident in your skin. 

BALANCE by Young Living Cleanser is a gentle,
foaming gel that deep cleans pores and reduces
surface oils for balanced-looking skin. Previously
known as Orange Blossom Facial Wash, BALANCE
Cleanser is part of the BALANCE Skin Care Collection,
a clinically tested, non-comedogenic, and non-
acnegenic system that will help improve oily and
blemish-prone skin with noticeable results in as little
as 30 days. This simple, three-step system harnesses
the strongest naturally derived actives we could find for oily 
and blemish-prone skin to help you feel confidence in your
Balance 3 Step Proccess
As step one of the system, BALANCE Cleanser prevents
breakouts and clogged pores by removing excess dirt and
oil, while also helping to maintain the natural moisture
barrier. This formula is gentle enough for everyday use,
relying on non-stripping ingredients to condition and
moisturize to help your skin feel balanced.
Formulated to help your skin maintain a healthy biome,
this cleanser will have you saying hello to a happy,
balanced-feeling complexion. It’s also dermatologist
tested, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating, which means
even sensitive skin can benefit from its use. Pair BALANCE
Mattifying Lotion with BALANCE Dual-Phase Toner and
BALANCE Cleanser to get the best results and let your
confidence out with great skin! 

 Aloe vera powder, orange peel extract, and orange
flower extract: These ingredients condition, soothe,
and moisturize skin.
 Copaiba, andiroba, and acai oils: Sustainably
sourced from the Amazon, these oils may help control
excess sebum.
 Glycerin: This ingredient functions as a humectant
that draws moisture to the skin, helping to hydrate,
smooth, and protect the skin.
 Naturally derived, gentle surfactants: These
ingredients gently cleanse without stripping the skin’s
natural moisture barrier, while also helping to maintain
a healthy microbiome.
 Proprietary essential oil blend: BALANCE by Young
Living utilizes an exclusive blend of Lavender,
Patchouli, Lemon Peel, and Rosemary essential oils
formulated by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young to
help support oily and blemish-prone skin.

• Light foaming gel cleanser formulated for normal/
combination and oily skin
• Formulated with naturally derived ingredients free of
gluten, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances,
sulfates, petroleum, and mineral oil
• Clinically tested, dermatologist reviewed, non-
comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and non-irritating

 Deep cleans and prevents clogged pores and future
breakouts by removing excess oil and dirt
 Gently cleanses without stripping the skin’s natural
moisture barrier, while also helping to maintain a
healthy microbiome
 Conditions and moisturizes for a clearer complexion 

BALANCE by Young Living is formulated for normal/
combination to oily skin to address the following
skin concerns:
• Enlarged, clogged pores
• Prone to breakouts and blackheads
• Shiny T-zone
• Redness
This three-step system includes:
• Step 1: Cleanser, BALANCE by Young Living Cleanser
• Step 2: Treatment Lotion, BALANCE by Young Living Dual-Phase Toner
• Step 3: Face Moisturizer, BALANCE by Young Living Mattifying Lotion 
Why Young Living?

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Information courtesy of Theresa LeGarie