Let's face it the Holidays give us the perfect opportunity to shine our Love to all our family and friends. And here are 5 ways we can do this. When gifting we want to give the gift of our Love that best suits each person. It is called the Language of Love and is received in various ways depending on the person's personality. 
One way is through Words. Some people love and desire verbal affirmation. Gifts that they may like are journals, or something for their desk or simple words of love and affirmation, letting them know that you love and appreciate them. Send them the cutest Christmas Card. Or give them inspiration through your gift. 
Another way are acts of service. They may need an action tied to your appreciation for them. Make them breakfast in bed, fill up their car with gas, or a nice massage or take them for a hike in a Redwood Forest. 
Some people enjoy receiving gifts. This is a language of love too and it takes careful feeling into the person to give them a gift that they appreciate and can receive. Perhaps they would like a home made gift, or a special sweater to keep them warm during the winter days, or discover ways to nurture them with healthy gifts for self pampering.
And then some people love to spend quality time with their friends. This can be  creative during our social distancing. So here are a few suggestions.
1. Plan a virtual spa day with a mask from Young Living's ART Beauty Masks. This will nurture and moisturize your skin which includes Orchid Flower Extract, Frankincense, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Lavender and Vanilla and much more. 
2. Set a FaceTime date
3. Invite your quarantine group to a backyard smores hangout
And the 5th language of love is Physical Touch. This person melts when love or care is communicated through touch. When they consent, they like to be hugged, kissed, or to have their hand held. Physical intimacy is what they value most as it represents emotional connectivity.
This person never passes up an opportunity to go to the spa. They are the friend who shows affection and the type of person that says “I’m a hugger” when meeting new people. So here are a few ideas Physical Touch  Gifts
1. Soft sheets for a good night's sleep
2. Create closeness with a bottle of Young Living's Lavender Essential oil and a Diffuser
3. If you can, give them a big hug or perhaps a Virtual Hug.
Hope you enjoyed this creative Gift List. And it inspires you in some small way to transform your Gifting this Holiday Season.


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