Calling all Teachers - How To Bring Calmness to Your Classroom
Let's set the stage this year for a quieter more relaxed environment for you and all your students. How can this possible happen?
Well, have you ever tried using essential oils in your classroom? Yes, essential oils can get into the deep recesses of the Limbic system  and have positive effects on the brain, emotions and all things of the body. 

Here are some healthy happy tips from a great company that I have used since 1996 for all my essential oil needs. Check it out.

Oils for the Classroom
 Back to school isn’t just for the kids, teachers need natural solutions too! Teachers, set your students up for success and stay sane by creating an environment that energizes the mind and invites focus! Diffusing essential oils can help set the mood and change the environment, before your students are even aware of it!
 Morning wake-up: Start the day with the invigorating, happy scent of citrus oils like Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange with the energizing aroma of Peppermint.
 Post-recess calm: Recess and playtime have your class wound up? Try diffusing Peace and Calming, Seedlings Calm, or Lavender to help them wind down and relax!
 Study time: Create a focused environment with GeneYus, Brain Power, Rosemary, Cedarwood, or Vetiver.
 Project time: Lime, Envision, and Orange essential oil may help clear the path for creativity!
 Teachers, we want to hear from you, comment below your favorite oils for the classroom.


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