For those who like to try new oils, this Diffusing Calendar is just the help you've been looking for. If you find a combo you like, make a note of it so you can enjoy it again and again. Likewise, if there's one that doesn't thrill you, just dump it out and start fresh - these are mere pennies to create! (So much more economical than those fancy, stinky, candles that make you wheeze!)

Some of these recipes are excellent to use topically (either applied directly to your skin or add to a roller bottle), and many can be placed in a bottle with a spray top with unscented witch hazel and distilled water, too!
There are so many uses and ways to benefit from these combos - so much more than just a pretty scent! The most important thing to remember is that oils only work if we use them.

If you don't have one of the oils listed just skip it or substitute with whatever oil you feel lead to use - there's no right or wrong way to diffuse. Adjust the number of drops to suit your diffuser, room size, and scent preferences.


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