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Six Month Plan for Healthy Living
 Step by Step

In 6 months, you can eliminate the majority of household products that are filled with anything but natural ingredients . When you click each month a valuable resource will pop up . Watch + Read when you have time. The info is FANTASTIC! 

Month 1 - Air Fresheners and Candles
As you have seen earlier that the The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized that poor  indoor air pollution is a very real problem and ranked it among the top of the environmental dangers facing the public. One of the major reasons? Chemical products: and air fresheners and candles are one of the culprits. For more in depth information click the link below.

Month 2 - Household Cleaners
A Healthy Healing Home
Our homes are essential to our families health and well being. This is the first place you can start to realign and make this a safe haven for your children and your loved ones. Live healthier more natural, safe alternatives. Here are the why's and how's of going toxin free in your home. And here are the places to start: Cleaning Cupboards, Personal Care Cupboard, Laundry area. And top offenders to avoid.
 Live healthier with natural, safe alternatives!                            
What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.
 Choose products free of harmful chemicals, sulfates, toxins, synthetic dyes,
 artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives and experience the difference firsthand.  
Enjoy this lively discussion from Janelle and Sara....

Toxin Free Home with Janelle and Sara                          

Month 3 - Shower and Bath

Month 4 - Laundry Room

Month 5 - Skin Care

Month 6 - Make up

Hey I'm Theresa!
The Simple Steps to Natural Living introduces you to an easy way to understand   the why' I began my journey to a more natural lifestyle. I simply wanted to learn about health in a more authentic way. I hope this has been of benefit to you and that it has empowered you to make changes in your life and your family's  that will benefit their lives. I would love to share that easy button cleaner I shared earlier and that step by step plan for cleaning out the nasty ingredients in your home. Let's make some time to chat and I would be happy to share those re sources with you.